If You Ever Notice Your Fuel Economy Decrease Noticeably or A Rotten Eggs Smell Is Coming From Your Engine, Then You Need To Clean The Catalytic Converter Right Away!

Engine Catalytic Converter Cleaner! The Ultimate Cleaning Solution For Unclogging The Catalytic!! 

The Engine Catalytic Converter Cleaner is formulated to remove harmful deposits in your catalytic converter for better engine performance and to avoid clogging reoccurrence. It helps reduce hydrocarbon emissions and gives better fuel efficiency so the environment and your pocket are always safe.

Deeply clean your converter with Catalytic Converter Cleaner without removing it! Stop the dreaded “service engine” light flashing up on your display, and get better engine performance! This is an absolute money-saver! Thanks to lower maintenance and fuel costs.

Keep your engine high-performance ready with our Catalytic Converter Cleaner, it removes harmful deposits to optimizes the efficiency of the catalytic converter, so it works effectively to filter out dangerous chemicals and compounds from exhaust gases

Stop Spending Too Much On Going to Your Car Dealership For Your Car’s Maintenance And Start Using The Engine Catalytic Converter Cleaner!

Cleans effectively without removing the catalytic converter, it is the true money & time saver with lower maintenance and fuel costs. The most important is that you won’t have to struggle of spending the big bucks to change your catalytic converter anymore! 

EASY CLEANING: simply pour in your fuel tank.
SAFE for Gasoline, Diesel, Hybrid, And Flex-Fuel Vehicles;
Does Not Alter Fuel.
Not for use in 2-stroke or oil/gas mix engines.


  • Better Engine Performance:
    Deposits the substances that are clogging your converter to improve the performance of your vehicle.
  • Avoids Clogging Reoccurrence:
    Helps to limit future containment buildup to help you cut down on maintenance costs.
  • Reduces Hydrocarbon Emission:
    Lower your vehicle’s dangerous hydrocarbon emissions by up to 50% for a safer environment.
  • Better Fuel Efficiency:
    Reduces the carbon buildup in the catalytic converter, oxygen sensors, fuel injectors, and cylinder heads which results in better fuel efficiency.
  • Engine Safe:
    Safe for gasoline, diesel, hybrid, and even for flex-fuel vehicles.


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Listen To What Our Customer Sent To Us After Using This Product

I have used this stuff for years now - it works. Helped me with many cars and pass inspections and clean out the exhaust system. Is it good for the motor in the long term? I dont know but short term it works and I have had check engine lights go off, hesitation disappear and more power to the pedal.

Francis From Warri.

I could tell my catalytic converter was beginning to get clogged as it had a discernible loss of power and a muted exhaust sound when revving the engine. I put this stuff in it and left the house. Withing only a few miles, I could feel a difference. It no longer sounds clogged when revving and has its power back. I will buy some for our other cars to put in as recommended.

Patricia From Abuja

I was shocked after putting the stuff in my tank the engine light went off immediately after starting the car. It worked. I didnt expect that! If I read this in a review, I wouldn't have believed it. I would have thought that it was another fake review. But I only write honest reviews and I can be very critical.

Grace From Lagos

I've always wanted to learn to play tennis,but it's not the easiest sport to learn when you don't have someone to practice with.However,this trainer has become the perfect mate for times when my friends aren't available to practice,or the kids just want to have a little fun.

Rhoda From Owerri

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