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"How To Raise Healthy Profitable Chickens For Meat Or Eggs In Your Own Farm Yard Even If You Have No Prior Experience or Starting Out In Poultry Farming"

“That's Right, Finally Here's A Beginner's And Advanced Farmers Guide That Will Guide You On How To Raise Your Very Own Chickens For Profits Or Pleasure Even If You've Never Done Any Form Of Farming Before!"


On the desk of Qy kolapo:

Dear Chicken Owner Or Farmer:

You've been searching around for information on how to raise chickens, but you not finding enough guidelines to get you started? Or you have some questions you need answers to when raising chickens? Well look no further because I've got the answers to all questions you may have to raising your own healthy chickens. 

It's no doubt that a lot of Nigerians across are getting into chicken farming. They are different reasons for this such as

1) The state of the economy,

2) People looking for more convenient ways of making a living

3) Whilst others just like having chickens as pets in their backyards.

When starting out in raising chickens at home you should find out if you are allowed to raise chickens in your area. Some area might not allow the raising of chickens. But if you are allowed to raise chickens in your area then its time for you to get started.

You too can grow big, healthy, profit-paying chickens, if you will merely meet certain clearly defined poultry requirements. If you do this, and it's easy, you need never worry about profits, you are sure to succeed.


There are lots of benefits as to why one would want to raise their own chickens. Below are some of the benefit...

Source of income generation:  Raising chickens in your farm provides you with sustainable source of income .No doubt, No amount of money spent in setting up a poultry farm that is waste, you will surely make gain from your investment.

 It provides Employment opportunity: with little capital you will have your own business as nothing is better than becoming the boss of your business. This will keep you busy and manage them well.

 It gives rapid return on investment: This point is self explanatory, whatever you invest in setting up a poultry business you start getting them in very short time compare to other investment out.

 Its continuous source of income: Poultry farming business generate incomes continually either on daily basis, weekly basis or monthly basis. How? For instance, if you invest your money on layers once they start laying, you will be making money on daily basis from the sale of eggs, you may also be making money on weekly basis or monthly basis depending on how you want to be selling your eggs.

 It offer full or part time employment opportunity:  This point is also focus on employment opportunity, but this is different from the point above. You can be working in an organization and as well be working in a poultry farm as a part time worker(s)

 Poultry eggs and meat are highly nutritional: They provide good nutrition’s for your body and the eggs are great tasting as well. There is no other animal that produces edible eggs like chickens. The eggs are high in demand.

 You become unique among your friends:  When you raise chickens you will be unique from all your friends and neighbors. You can then make some extra income by selling your chicken produce to your friends.

Now How Can You Get It All In One Place?

If you want simple, easy read information on raising healthy chickens and enjoy all the benefits of owning chickens, all in one place, finally there's now a complete guide to successful chicken farming.


"How To Raise Chickens"

These days a lot of people are raising chickens for economic benefits, Raising chickens for meat and eggs has proven to be a good way to make a living.

The eggs can be sold to other farmers or to your local store for extra income and the chickens are be slaughtered with the meat sold to butcheries.

If you would like to join the bandwagon of raising chickens in your backyard, then you should have the adequate information or knowledge on how to do so.

Many people dream of raising chickens in their home. They want a nourishing, low-cost, and nourishing source of food that they can manage themselves.

And they would like to supply a low-maintenance, but fun, environment that their entire family can enjoy and be a component of. All the same, not many men and women are sure of the costs involved in raising a flock of backyard chickens.

You will need a guide to raising chickens if you are still a novice at this undertaking. If you would like to learn more on how to rear chickens, this guide will help you start raising chickens successfully.

In Detail Here Is What You Will Learn: 

  • How To Get Started In poultry farming at home or on farm site
  • The Different Breeds of Poultry and how to select the best chicken breeds
  • How to vaccinate and treat chickens
  • How to know when your chicken are falling sick and right thing to do
  • Getting familair with Layers, Broiler, Noiler, Cockrel Vacination programms
  • Common Chicken Diseases: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment
  • Chicken housing Plans- Cost breakdown of building a 1500 broilers capacity house
  • Where to buy your chicken in NIgeria
  • Best practices for broiler production
  • How to start selling your egg faster and making lots of money
  • 100 broilers cost-benefits analysis
  • 100 LAYERS cost-benefits analysis
  • Care of the Growing Chicks and brooding
  • The right organic drugs and treatment for optimum chicken health
  • The Right Synthetic drugs and treatment for Optimum Chicken Health
  • A sample of poultry business plan
  • A sample of the business feasibility study and lots more..

It's All About Raising Chickens

Raising your very own chickens requires a lot of planning and organization in order to be successful. Costly mistakes have to be avoided because your chickens can die and you can lose a lot of money in the process.

This Training Course Was A Instant Hit, It Helped Hundreds if Not Thousands of Nigeria Farmers

"Look At What Other Farmers Say About
How To Raise Chickens!"

"I've Got Confidence In Raising Chickens"

The only thing that was holding me back from raising chickens was confidence. I just did not believe and see myself raising healthy chickens. The thought of me failing at it took over my dream. One day I decided to give it a try but I had to get some form of guidance.

This guide has told me a lot about raising chickens and I've learned more than I thought I would. Now I can start raising chickens with confidence and the fear is gone.

I don't think there is any more information I need, for the price of the GUIDE , its a true bargain. I was going to spend lots of money in attending poultry farming classes. This is money well invested.

All The Best!

Mike Henderson.

"I Always Refer To This Guide"

Hi Qy,

One of my friends is a chicken breeder and is selling his chickens for profits. I told him I wanted to start raising chickens and asked for his guidance and he referred me to your website. He told me your ebook gave him all the guidelines he needed in starting his chickens project.

I got myself a copy of your ebook as well and I can’t imagine how I could have dealt with chicken ownership if I hadn’t read your guide first. Your ebook has help me in addressing a lot problems I faced in raising chickens.

I always refer myself to this guide when I need some guidelines. Your ebook was straightforward and informative for a newbie like me who knew nothing about raising chickens.

Thank You!


"This Is A Beginners Guide To Chickens"

Morning Kolapo,

I want to reply to the email you sent me about how I found your ebook. Not knowing anything about raising chickens, I had to start somewhere and there is no better start like getting a copy of your ebook.

This guide has by far been the most relevant and informative books I've read in raising chickens. I trully enjoyed reading each chapter of it, all the chapters are well worth the value of the guide compared to the mistakes one can make without being aware.

If anyone has visited your website and is serious about raising healthy chickens I highly recommend they get a copy of your ebook and they will understand my point of view.

Thank you!


Many People Don't Know Where To Start!

Don't be one of those people who spend a fortune in getting guidance. This ebook will not only save you time on doing the research needed, but also in your pocketbook.

This guide won't leave you hanging not knowing what to do next. Its a step by step chicken farming plan that spells out your next step in plain English, you won't need to look for other information or join any other expensive chicken farming training course once you have this guide in your disposal.

How Much Is That Worth To You?

"How To Raise Chickens" retails for #12000. But today we are offering it to you for only #7,500. All of the information on starting poultry farm is simple to understand with images to guide you. You'll never find a guide that guides on raising healthy chickens in one ebook.

This guide eliminates the time you will spend searching for incomplete information about raising chickens. You don't have to purchase a guide on feeding chickens alone, then buy yet another guide on raising chicks and keeping your chickens healthy separately, that will cost you alot.

Just by making a one time investment of #7,500 you will get all you need to know on raising chickens at a cost of the price.

You've never seen such a good offer, right? But to make you even more comfortable about your investment, I'll offer you my.... 

If You Serious About Raising Healthy Chickens
Then This Is Your Guide

No matter what breed you select, the most important matter, the very foundation of success, is the securing of individual birds which are strong, sturdy, vigorous and healthy.

Only stock of high vitality can be depended upon to give continuously good results. It is time and money wasted to keep chicks which are weak, sickly or "run-down," the result of improper breeding or management.

As a rule, it is best to select that breed which is most popular locally, because such popularity indicates that the breed in question thrives under local conditions and meets the requirements of the local markets.

Further, one has greater opportunities of securing good birds and a larger market for hatching eggs and stock. This ebook will cover in detail the right chickens to choose for chicken farming.

"Chickens Fit Well For My Backyard"

Hi Gerard,

Me and my wife have always wanted to raise chickens, I've got some piece of land in the back and want to start a poutry farming project there. When searching the internet for a few hours I come across your product and just had to get my copy!

As I read through this guide, it covers all of the major topics that a beginner needs to know about, and presents the information in an easy to read format. I also like the picture illustrations on the different types feeding equipments. Now we know just which coop we will build that will match the landscape design.

If you release another product in raising any other type of livestock please let me know so I can get my copy because I would like to raise other types of livestock if the land is enough.

Thank You!

Jude Osborn.

Nothing, Absolutely Nothing, Is Left Out!

Chickens require a lot of attention and management. You should make sure you feed your chickens the right food to keep them healthy and illness free. Feeding chickens is not a complicated process.

Building a chicken house is very important. The chicken house should be safe and protect the chickens from predators such as hawks, cats and even dogs. Some people can even try to steal your chickens. Your chicken coop should be well covered as well to protect your chickens from to much sunlight, cold and rain.

You see, when it comes to raising chicken this is the only guide that covers every aspect of raising healthy chickens. It's a complete guide to being a successful poultry farmer. So if you want to raise healthy chickens, make sure you have this ebook for guidance and reference!

P.P.S. Make sure you have enough space in your yard to raise your chickens. The size of your land will determine the number of chickens you can be able to raise. When starting out it is recommended to start out with a few chickens so you can get used to managing them. As time goes on you can then add more chickens.

"The Next Step Is Yours". Grab this one of it's kind chicken farming ebook that will guide you on how to be a successful farmer today, don't waste anymore of your time trying to find incomplete information on raising chickens, get your guide to chicken farming just by investing in this guide.....

How Much Will It Cost You To Get Access To This Required Blueprint?

 ₦7,500 Only

"The Next Step Is Yours". Grab this one of it's kind chicken farming ebook that will guide you on how to be a successful farmer today, don't waste anymore of your time trying to find incomplete information on raising chickens, get your guide to chicken farming just by investing in this guide.....

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